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CBT/OSCE/ RCSI Apititude Test Training


CBT/OSCE/ RCSI Apititude Test Training

Aptitude tests are designed to test or evaluate how much a person is capable of handling different situations.

A structured and systematic way of evaluating how people perform or react to different situations. A standardized method is followed for administering and scoring the results compared with fellow competitors.

CBT Test App

We have developed a bespoke CBT Mock test app for our candidates. Where you will be able to do mock tests like the exam conditions with recently asked questions. You will be able to review the questions and do the mock test even if you are travelling or at work with our Android & iOS mobile apps.

CBT Training

We provide updated study materials to all our candidates where candidates will be able to review the recently asked questions. Additionally, all our candidates are invited to join our CBT discussion group where all the parts of the CBT test will be discussed with the latest questions and answers. These groups are monitored by our own CBT trainers whom candidates can reach for any questions they have. This group has more than 200 active test takers and 300 candidates successfully passed the exam within the last 6 months.

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